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LaPine Trucks & Trailers
457 Highway 49 S
Richland, MS 39218

(601) 463-9847

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LaPine Trucks & Trailers

LaPine Trucks & Trailers of Jackson Inc, has been in the Industry SINCE 1933. LaPine provides new and used heavy duty trucks, trailers and equipment. We operate full service, multiple bay repair facilities and full time experienced staff performing repairs and fabrication to assure our customers the best value for their investment. If you would like to fly in to meet in person, we would be glad to pick you up at our airport and bring you to our location to see our Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers we have immediately available. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your truck request. Take care and have a nice day. Call Rusty 601-932-1511 or 601-397-7345 and Visit us at www.LaPineTrucks.com

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